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Computational Biology

Structural Biology
Computational tools for structural biology are a strong component of our structural biology research. Drs. Gyorgy Babnigg and Andrew Binkowski lead this effort. Read more
Argonne has a strong group focused on developing computational tools for analyzing genomic data. This group resides within the Mathematics and Computer Science Division but collaborates with Biosciences staff. They have developed such widely used tools as MG-Rast – a tool to rapidly annotate metagenomic data. For the past several years, this group has sponsored an annual workshop on Soil Metagenomics that draws researchers from around the world. They are teaming with researchers from three other national laboratories to develop KBase, the DOE Systems Biology Knowledge base. The group also has strong ties to the University of Chicago- Argonne Institute for Genomics and Systems Biology and the University of Chicago- Argonne Computation Institute.
Molecular Dynamics
Molecular dynamics (MD) consists of constructing detailed atomic models of the macromolecular system and, having described the microscopic forces with a potential function, using Newton's classical equation, F=MA, to literally "simulate" the dynamical motions of all the atoms as a function of time ... Read more
Dr. Benoit Roux is a member of the Biosciences division who also holds a faculty position at the University of Chicago.

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